Dingtian Protective Film
R&D and innovation

Continuous improvement of the products is the focus of R & D for Dingtian

The technical engineers in the Technological R& D Center of Dingtian focus on improvement of the product  application effect for the customers and provide different solutions according to customers' protective requirements, so as to ensure that Dingtian' s products achieve the maximum performance-to-price ratio.   

Innovation is the basis for Dingtian' s success of constant business development and global strategies  1552025067967090775.jpg

Dingtian, by organizing technical experts and jointly working with the raw material suppliers and equipment  manufacturers, focuses on the R & D of protective films and technical innovation, introduces polyolefin thin film technology into the protective film products to promote the development of the industry. 

Dingtian is the main R & D facilitator within the industry 
Dingtian promotes the development of plastic films and adhesives and increase the value-added products for the traditional protective films:
þ Provide dedicated wear-resistant, anti-acid and anti-alkali PVC protective films for the manufacturers. 
þ Provide special PE-based protective films for the deep drawing, punching and laser cutting of stainless steel, which reduces the production costs and the procurement cycle.
þ Provide professional PE protective films for the electronics industry and household appliances, which promotes the industrial development.
þ Reduce the use of non-renewable resources and commit to research and development of healthy and environmental -protection products.
þ Improve the performance-to-price ratio of existing products, can effectively lower production costs, improve production speed, simplify operations and improve productivity.

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